interesting Indian cricket facts

What you should to know about cricket

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played by two teams of 11 players. The game is played on the oval-shaped ground with a rectangular pitch in the center when bowling and batting happen.  One team bats, attempting to score runs and avoid dismissal by the opposing team, while the other fielding side bowls and dismiss the


The biggest cricket stadium in the world

Narendra Modi Stadium is a cricket ground in Motera, Ahmedabad, India.  Earlier it was knowns as Motera Stadium, but later on, the stadium was named after Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. You will know everything about this because when it comes to which is the biggest cricket stadium in the world, this stadium tops the

Main cricket aims

What is the average and its purpose in cricket

The number that is now used to measure performance in cricket is called average. So it can give the idea about the performance of both bowlers and batters. Thus two types of averages are bowing average and batting average. In cricket, the average is an important statistic used for judging how well a team has