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Have a look at our cricket betting reviewcricket match

Cricket is a group activity with a large following. This is partly owing to cricket’s widespread appeal in India, which has a population of over a billion people, and thanks to Indian supporters, cricket is the world’s second most popular sport after football, according to some statistics. Matches occur all year, and online cricket betting options are nearly limitless.

Types of online cricket bettingtypes

Concerning the results

Because there is a draw in first-class cricket, the odds on the outcome of test matches are three-way. A draw does not occur as frequently as in football, but it still has a high likelihood and is equivalent to hockey. The “twenty” bookmakers and the one-day format both give two-way results without the chance of a tie.

Double possibility

Similar to betting on the result, a double chance allows you to combine two possibilities for a lower coefficient — for example, that there will be no tie or that one of the teams will not score at least one match.

In a handicap

You can predict how much of an advantage the team will get or how much of a handicap it will not yield to the opponent by using this tool. In test matches between powerful teams, for example, zero handicaps are highly popular.


A wager on the total number of runs scored in a match or for a certain part of the game, such as after 5, 10, 15, or 20 overs. For each squad, this can be both general and individual totals.

Information about the participantsinformation

There are usually adequate offers on the personal achievements of the players in the lines for top-level cricket. The indications vary greatly: the number of runs scored or the number of six-point strikes made, as well as numerous awards given out at the end of the match, such as the best batter or the best player of the match.

Data on matches

Cricket has a plethora of statistics indicators and small occurrences to provide. Quotes for the number of run-outs or the best outcome of the first partnership in the lines for important matches will be easy to come by. Many offices also offer wagers on how the first gate will be demolished.

The first inning 

In long test matches, this is a popular betting market since you don’t have to wait days to figure out the result of the first innings. All of the sorts of bets mentioned above may generally be found in the first innings line.

At the draw

At all important matches, the most basic forecast can be produced from bookies. When playing for a long period, your odds of identifying the offensive first team are 50-50, and you will still lose money on the betting margin.

High importance: pay attention to these cricket betting tipstips

Because of the construction of their unique betting technique, the finest cricket predictors have a true nose for valuable cricket betting odds. Regardless of the format in which the match is held, there are numerous ways to its analysis. Let’s look at the five most important elements to consider while placing a cricket bet online.

The outcome of the draw 

A simple coin flip determines the turn of the attack in cricket. This method has a significant influence on the meeting’s result.

The team attacking first in a test match often gets an advantage, since it conducts the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball (in cricket, they do not change balls, as in baseball, at the slightest signs of wear, doing this only after 80 overs).

A batter, for example, will find it simpler to hit the ball after it has bounced off a flat, unworn portion of the field. As a result, the offensive first team has a better chance of making an early break and controlling the game. One of the reasons why some cricket betting specialists like to play live is to avoid one of the unpredictable aspects by waiting for the outcomes of the commencing draw.

Conditions of the weather weather

It’s impossible to think of a sport that is more reliant on the weather than cricket. Because the weather may have a significant influence on the length of a test match (cricket is not played in the rain), a player should always check the weather prediction before betting on cricket online.

If rain is forecast, the importance of the draw outcomes rises dramatically due to the restricted playing time. In England, rain is highly likely to occur during a 5-day test match, and in this case, you should already be thinking about how much playing time will be missed.

Because the sun sets sooner in certain nations than it does in others, there are fewer possibilities to make up for lost playing time (test matches are played only in natural light). In Sri Lanka, sunshine may just not be enough to make up for many hours lost due to rain, but in England, the sun sets late, and the teams may still be on the field until eight o’clock in the evening.

The influence of the fieldfield

The pitch covering, where the major action takes place, can vary by location and stadium, ranging from an earthen surface to a relatively short and long lawn, and it can also alter from season to season depending on maintenance.

Slow pitches, for example, are more common in Cape Town and Adelaide, where the ball accelerates less after hitting the ground, making it simpler for the batter to make a solid hit. The coverage is more “quick” in certain areas, including Perth, Australia, where power bowlers shine in all their glory and the attack’s task is challenging.

You should also pay attention to locations and stadiums with usually high/low humidity or venues that are quite high in altitude – low humidity and thin mountain air cause the ball to fly quicker on average, making it easier to score a crucial 6-point shot off the field. Dry fields are also preferred by bowlers who rely on twisting the ball to stay alive.

Over a few days of a test match, some pitches seem to wear out faster than others. When the pitch isn’t completely level, the bowler has an advantage, and the batter has a harder time resisting the blow since the bounce is more unexpected.

In a typical circumstance, 400 points are scored in each of the first three innings, and 150 points are scored in the fourth. Because the line does not always react exactly to changing playing conditions, betting on “total less” in the late innings can be beneficial.

In cricket, some teams do well at home, similar to football. These clubs’ or national teams’ management is particularly adept at constructing a pitch and assembling a squad that is well suited to the conditions of a home stadium, where players’ strengths shine through and faults fade into the background.

Team and player compositionplayer

In no instance can the state in which the sides approach a particular match be overlooked. If the host side wins the first match in a significant series, it frequently skates past the next opponents, while the visitors embark on a losing skid on an uncommon someone else’s pitch.

When betting on individual player statistics, an athlete’s propensity to present game circumstances, as well as his previous form on a certain type of surface, might be crucial.

A good hitter may also perform admirably not just when facing his preferred pitch, but also while facing pitchers that are exceedingly inconvenient for the other side. We must attempt to synthesize all of the criteria while remembering that two teams will join the field, each with its unique offensive and defensive qualities.

A longer match means a fuller live experiencematch time

Cricket matches at the top level may extend for several days, giving bets on the outcome of matches added value. This is one of the few sports in which a sizable portion of the professional population wants to compete in person.

The weather, ball and field wear, draw outcomes, and other elements all have a big impact on the events of the match, and a player who closely watches the meeting all days might acquire an edge over the line owing to improved awareness. Experiential forecasters are typically unsurprised by unexpected situations and abrupt reversals in cricket.

When playing live, one of the most popular methods is to keep an eye on when the ball changes. To achieve so, you must keep a close eye on the overs – after 80 overs, a new shell arrives on the field. A new ball has tight seams and can go further after making contact with the bat.

In this case, however, the edge may be gained not just by the assault, but also by the bowler using twisted serves rather than straight ones. With twisted pitches, tight seams let the new ball shift its trajectory more sharply, which can be a concern for the hitter.

Cricket Betting Odds odds

In the realm of sports betting, few things are more important than betting odds. These tidbits of information are crucial in deciding whether or not to bet on the most recent cricket matches or other events, as they help you weigh the pros and cons of doing so.

The value of any gains you obtain is determined by not only the amount of money you gamble but also the odds available, therefore we’ve offered a few essential pointers on what you need to know about cricket betting odds.

Based on a variety of indicators, sports betting providers will eventually determine the likelihood of a given outcome in a cricket match or other event, before altering the basic odds to establish a market that includes their margin. As we can see, the odds transform to percentages that never equal 100%. They’ll always be a couple of points short. If bets are placed proportionally on their pricing, this is the bookmaker’s margin or guaranteed profit.

Simultaneously, the changes reflect what is expected to happen (low cricket betting odds indicate that the betting platform’s experts feel this team will win). For example, if you wish to stake $100 on cricket and the odds are 2.1 (team 1) and 3.4 (team 2), the first team has the best chance of winning.

It also implies that if the second team wins, you may wager your $100 on them and earn 340. Because various betting platforms have different odds and live bets have changed odds virtually every minute, you need to understand how to calculate cricket betting odds so that you can place your wager on the most profitable platform.

Cricket betting sitesbetting

Being able to compare cricket betting odds from several sites provides you with a clearer image of the playing field and allows you to hand-pick the best odds, ensuring you win the most money. This might have several advantages, the most important of which is that your overall winnings will be bigger. Simply said, using a site like this to compare odds from a variety of different companies makes sense.

Here are the top 5 best online cricket betting sites.


You may place a range of bets on various cricket competitions, regardless of how dangerous they are, through the bookmaker. This well-known offshore bookmaker has a vast sportsbook and offers Indian bettors unfettered betting opportunities. Parimatch India also receives a lot of interest from Indian cricket fans who wish to earn money by betting on cricket because it does not involve a street bookie.


For cricket bettors, Betway is a terrific alternative. This is confirmed by the fact that the site has piqued the interest of Indian players. They’re growing more understanding of the website and its affiliates, Betway Sports and Betway Cricket.


10Cric is a well-known and well-respected online cricket betting company in India. Cricket in India is more than a sport; it is a religion, and its stars are worshipped as gods by cricket fans.

10Cric India understands this. As a consequence, 10Cric provides the best possible experience for its players, including a user-friendly interface, a substantial welcome bonus, live betting, and other unique features. 


4raBet is one of the most user-friendly bookies available. If you want a better online cricket betting experience, 4raBet India is an excellent choice since it offers fantastic cricket betting odds, as well as substantial bonuses and security.


Dafabet distinguishes itself from all other Indian cricket betting websites since it has specialized in Asian players since its inception. As seen by the huge number of cricket and kabaddi betting options, the spotlight has always been on India.

Best betting apps in India

Below you will learn about three of the most popular betting apps in India that will help you make money from your hobby.

Best betting apps in India

Bet365 India app

For all users, 365bet provides an app that has a user-friendly interface and allows an intuitive understanding of all the necessary aspects for betting on sports. The benefits of the app are listed for you:

  • Easy to use;
  • Allows you to follow the statistics of the events instantly;
  • Ability to participate in the company’s promotions;
  • Possibility not only to bet on sports but also to play in the casino.

The app has a wide range of depositing and withdrawal options. Quick customer support is available.

1win app India

The 1win app is completely free, allowing you to do all the same things you can do on the 1win website. Thanks to the app, you can bet on the event of your choice at any time. The main advantages:

  • Easy registration
  • High odds
  • Generous bonuses

These are just a small part of the bonuses you get. We can say the app is very well done.

Mostbet India app

MostBet provides its customers with a highly functional app. The app is suitable for Android and iOS devices, and easily adapts to any diagonal. Here are the main advantages:

  • Fast depositing;
  • Quick withdrawal;
  • Support response time is 10-15 minutes on average;
  • A varied line of bonuses.

The app is well-developed and the company also provides a decent service.