Three different formats of cricket

Almost every individual must have heard about Cricket. Cricket is one of the famous sports with a fan following in almost every part of the world. It is a team sport where ball and bat are used to play the game. Cricket is played in three different formats all over the world.

International Cricket Council or ICC is the main governing board of Cricket which runs all of the international matches and tournaments in the whole wide world. The types of cricket or formats are Test matches, ODIs, and T-20s. You will get all the information related to its all format below in brief.

Test Matchescricket test game

Test matches are also known as the classic format of Cricket. Because when Cricket was introduced to the world, this was the only type in which Cricket was played. It is considered to be the first-ever format type of Cricket. Cricket has a very rich history that dates back to the 1800s, and people at that time loved to play test cricket.

The international matches were also held in test format only. In test matches, both the teams play a match for five days. There are two innings in a single test match. This means that each team bats two times to score the total score of the team. The team can bat for several days until all the team gets out.

The test matches need the skill to keep your wicket for a significant duration to make more runs for your team. As this is not an over the limited match, thus the batsmen tend to play the game calmly. However, the test match is challenging for the bowling team as the field is trying to all-out the batting team for the whole day.

One Day International

Another type of Cricket is ODIs or the One Day Internationals. This is a limited over format of a cricket match in which each team gets 50 over to score maximum runs. It is different from test cricket as in this format, and there is only one inning to bat.

ODI cricket is a very famous and exciting format of Cricket that every individual likes to play and watch.  The rules of this format are a little bit different from other formats as it is necessary to complete the total overs in the given time. If the bowling team captain fails to complete fifty overs in a given time, he faces a fine charged by authorities.

The ODIs matches are played through the years among different teams. The players playing this format are skilled in batting to score more runs in fewer balls. This helps them to have a reasonable strike rate. The strike rate will determine the success of any player in the ODI formats.

T-20s Internationalst20

The last type of format of Cricket is the T-20s. People were getting bored watching the previous two formats of Cricket every year.  Also nowadays people focus more on their job and have very little time to entertain themselves.  Thus to protect the fame and fading of the craze of Cricket among the public, the T-20 format was invented by the cricketing board.

It is the shortest version of Cricket from all of the three formats. Here in this, every team needs to bat for only 20 overs. This makes Cricket more exciting and thrilling to watch. The people loved this format, which became a hit in the cricket world. It helped Cricket achieve new heights by reaching the vast range of countries of the world.

The batsmen need to score runs faster to reach a good total. This increases the number of sixes and four. People love this type of Cricket and enjoy the big six and four every time a batsmen hit straight out of the stadium. Thus T-20 marked the evolution of Cricket into its new form where every individual looking for a thrill can enjoy watching Cricket.

The ICC or the International Cricket Council regulates Cricket happening worldwide. The boards see that every country follows the rules and regulations established. Every game or sports have certain rules and regulation which everyone should follow to have a whole experience of playing that game.

This is the same with Cricket too, and so the board makes the rules for Cricket and changes them if any issues are raised. So you can learn all the rules of Cricket very easily and quickly. This will help any new individual to understand Cricket better.

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